Our Mission

‘Restyled by Izzy was born out of an effervescent passion for individualism, style and passion by a woman entrepreneur, Izzy Polanco. We strongly believe in embracing who you are fabulously and unapologetically without compromising your wallet. Our mission is to create a sustainable marketplace ranging from pristine preowned luxury items, liquidated and used clothing inventory as well as vintage items and giving them a new home.


For ‘Restyled by Izzy’ resale is more than a business. It is passion. Izzy started by scouting designer handbags she considered a profitable deal, and resold them, locally. This small yet successful business model, was imperative in Izzy’s learning path about Luxury resale, and resale in general. Most importantly it developed a deeper admiration for Luxury items, quality standards and the positive foot print it makes on our planet to re-home items over time, reducing the environmental impact on our planet, while saving money and getting coveted brands at a fraction of their retail cost.

We uphold our promised of ‘Authentic ONLY’ so you can shop confidently knowing we will authenticate each piece we procure before we list for sale.


We want to bring you the best resale selection while incorporating core human values to our daily business operation in which we deeply believe in and live by, such as Community, Family, Charity, Authenticity and Sustainability. At the moment our inventory consists of thrifted items personally sourced by Izzy herself, liquidated-merchandise from major well-known retailers and personal items from our clients’ closets. When we help our clients edit their closet, they give us an opportunity to help them by reselling what they no longer need or wear. This gives us an opportunity to pass-on the saving to you and bring you a more extensive yet curated inventory.