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Hello, Hola, Ciao!

Many of you already know who I am from following me on Instagram @amizzyp or from working with Lizzy Kline, @HappySpacesbyLizzy, as we edited and organized your magnificent closets.

For those of you who just joined me on this journey, I wanted to quickly introduce myself, welcome you and thank you for following along. 

First and foremost, I’m a devoted mother to my 6 year old daughter Presley, who loves music, soccer, wearing my heels and all things pink. When I’m not with Presley you can find me ‘playing dress-up’ on Instagram and sharing my favorite outfits with you.

For as long as I can remember, fashion has been the avenue I’ve chosen to express myself, so it’s no surprise that I’m embarking on the journey of making ‘ Restyled by Izzy’ official. My entrepreneurial spirit combined with my creative side has taken me down many business avenues. The one thing I always keep coming back to is fashion and anything related to it. It puts me in my element where I know I belong.


I’m passionate about resale, as I’ve shared many times before on my personal Instagram page about the importance and perks of the practice. As a single mother buying second-hand has allowed me to enjoy the craftsmanship of the most coveted luxury brands, otherwise out of my reach.

Although I thoroughly enjoy dressing up, at the end of the day, I’m just like any other Mom. You’ll find me lounging in black leggings and a comfortable t-shirt! 

In my free time, I volunteer on the board of the STL Latinx Arts Network, a non-profit that focuses on the development and involvement of our Latinx youth community through the Arts. My core values are Family, Unity, Community, Charity and Sustainability.

It is my goal and objective that my business approach mirrors those same values. From launch onward, ‘Restyled by Izzy’ promises to represent with integrity and passion! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, encouragement and for joining me on this journey. I cannot wait for what’s in store and I’m happy to be bringing all of you along with me for the ride.


Izzy Polanco

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