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Saving money on past purchases? Yes, it is possible.

There is approximately 1 day 4 hours 47 minutes and 42 seconds til the new year … what will your resolution be? Year after year, for me, it has always been that I would be more price conscious.

What if told you that you can get money back on your recent purchases made at big retailers? Well, more often than not, this is true. All you have to do is ask. Yes, it is that simple. Let me explain.

Where has your money gone this year? My guess is it has probably gone toward holiday gift purchases.

Whether you bought some tools for your significant other at Home Depot, new technology toys from Best Buy for the kids or that perfect outfit from Intermix or FWRD  for yourself, you can still save money days after your purchase. Lucky for you and I, these retailers along with many others, offer price adjustments to consumers.

A price adjustment means, if an item you’ve bought recently goes on sale within 2 weeks of your purchase, you get a refund on the price difference.

All you have to do is check on the current prices for all of your recent purchases. If there has been a price drop since your date of purchase, contact the retailer and ask for a price adjustment to be credited to your original form of payment.

Most of the time, all it takes is an email to customer service or even a quick message/chat on their website (when available). A few seconds can save you extra coins that you can put towards that dream bag you’ve been admiring from a distance – All from the comfort of your home.

The biggest misconception is that you can’t be price conscious if you like shopping brand names and good quality items. I too, was tricked into believing this. This is simply NOT true.

Since Christmas alone, I have saved over $184 on previous holidays purchases by simply contacting a few retailers for a price adjustment. Keep In mind, you can do this at any given time during during the year not just holidays.

My most recent saving was a whopping $64  from Moda Operandi. I had purchased a Silvia Tcherassi Catalina del Mar dress for my birthday vacation. Days after my purchase I noticed it had dropped in price. I immediately contacted Moda Operandi Customer Service and they were kind enough to refund me the $64 difference.

You can have the fine things in life and still be money savvy boss!

When you ask for a price adjustment and you get the refund its kinda’ like having your cake and eating it too.

Now I know we are all just exhausted from the holidays … but seriously, get up and start saving today! You may think the price difference is insignificant or not worth your time, but let’s put this in perspective. If you received a price adjustment of $10 on all of your purchases throughout the year, could you buy yourself one of those items you have on your wishlist without feeling guilty? From personal experience, you’d have enough money to pamper yourself. You don’t have to have an official resolution in place before you can start saving extra money with very little effort, right?!

Don’t be embarrassed or feel like you are bothering these companies by asking them for a price adjustment – it’s their job! Ask them to kindly refund you for the difference. Head into 2021 empowered with this money saving knowledge while shopping at big retailers.

PRO TIP: Small businesses have smaller profit margins making it hard to cover costs while, preventing them from offering such policies. Always support and shop small when you can.


Restyled By Izzy Fine Print: Remember there are restrictions, exclusions and limitations per each store’s written policy. Be sure to look them up before assuming. Happy savings!


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